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DIY Moving or Hiring a Moving Company?

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Welland Moving Company Bob The Mover Can Help

If you’re here, you probably have some idea that you are going to be moving in the future. When moving, one of the biggest decisions is something so simple; will you move by yourself or hire a moving company? Welland movers and movers in the Niagara Region can offer a wide variety of services to help you move, but first you need to decide if you need them or not. This will depend on things such as pricing and how complicated your move is going to be. It’s important to think carefully before deciding.

How Many Things Do You Have?

Cost can be a huge factor when deciding.
Welland Moving Company Cost

The number of things you have can make a huge difference in pricing. It’s good to call a different Welland Moving Company and movers in the Niagara Region and ask for a quote—Bob the Mover offers free on-site quoting. You can compare the rates that movers offer you and compare them to truck rental pricing. Some companies charge by the amount of rooms you have, some by the hour—Bob the Mover offers flat rates with NO hidden fees.

What Are You Capable Of?

A lot of people moving may not be able to lift things such as furniture or appliances by themselves or even with help. Sometimes even healthy young people can struggle to move large things. The physical toll a move can take on a body is another reason to consider hiring a moving company.

Where Are You Moving?

Welland Movers Map

Are you going to move to the same town or city? Are you going to move across the country? Either way a moving company can be helpful. But if you’ve looked at the previous questions and found out you have very few things going a very short distance, a mover may not be worth it. Also consider whether your objects are delicate or not; some Welland movers and movers in the Niagara Region such as Bob the Mover offer insurance for items moved. Similarly consider that for longer distance moves the drive alone may tire you out and discount you from strenuous activity such as moving.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you’ve considered a few of the most important options, you can start to think about deciding whether you need a Welland moving company or not. You may also consider a few other factors such as how much packing do you need to do? Who can help you move if not a moving company? Do you have any specialty items such as pianos that need moving? Do you need to rent equipment to help your move? When you look at the decision from every angle it may become more apparent that a moving company is your safest option.

Choose Bob the Mover

Welland movers Bob the Mover service all the Niagara Region and beyond. We’ve got a hardworking and honest crew ready to move you at any time. If you have any questions or wish to get a free in-home quote please contact Bob the Mover.

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