We are classified as essential and are here to help during the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation.
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Moving and COVID-19 Coronavirus Concerns

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Hand washing and COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic while moving
Moving and COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic

If your house sells, you will probably need to move on your closing date regardless of the current moving and COVID-19 Coronavirus situation. We will continue to operate and offer moving services in St Catharines and Niagara until advised otherwise. Here are some of the precautions we are taking to keep you and our team safe as well as some of the things you can do to help.

Firstly, none of our professional movers have travelled outside of the country at least within the past 3 months. We also have informed our movers that if they show any signs of COVID-19, Coronavirus symptoms to stay home and follow the instructions of the Canada Public Health System. We have enough trained movers, that if this situation does occur, we will still be fully staffed for your move. Currently the Canadian Government is advising against gatherings of 50 people or more and an average house move will only staff 4 professional movers. We also thoroughly clean all of our moving equipment between moves.

Here are some of the things you can do to help with moving in Niagara during the COVID-19, Coronavirus situation. If you have any of the known symptoms of COVID-19, Coronavirus, please let us know, contact a healthcare professional and if possible have a friend or family member supervise the move. If you are elderly or have chronic conditions or compromised immune systems, we advise you to not be on-site during the move and have a friend or family member be on-site during the move. Regardless of age or condition, it is best to have as few people as possible on-site during the move. If possible we ask that you do not pack your soap so our trained movers may use it throughout the day.

We are currently booking moves for St Catharines and Niagara, feel free to contact us if you require moving services.

The safety of our staff and customers is of the utmost importance. For more information regarding the COVID-19, Coronavirus please visit the Canadian Public Health Services website:


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