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Moving Tips for a Successful Move

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Whether you’re moving just down the street, to a new town, or across the province, moving houses can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!
Hiring the right moving company, like St. Catharines Movers, can make a stressful move a lot easier and help remove some of the burden you might be feeling, but hiring just ANY movers can add to your stress, if you don’t know what to look for!
Here’s a few tips we like to offer to our potential customers.
1. Who will be there from the moving company, on the day of?
By asking how many movers from the company will be there, you’re getting ahead of it so you will know what to expect on the day of. This also ensures that the company is sending someone out to do an estimate, and is taking their time to really assess the property. This is done to make sure the proper number of professional movers are there for you. It would be silly to send 4-6 movers to move a single one-bedroom apartment, in the same sense it would be unprofessional to have just 2 movers come out to move an entire house. Knowing how many movers will be there, and whether they are professionals or just “Jo Blo and his pickup,” is important and will make sure your moving day is as easy as it should be!
2. How long is the move going to take?
Let’s be honest, we live in a face paced world and we don’t want things taking longer than needed. Additionally, we don’t want things so rushed that they aren’t done properly! By asking this question, you can plan your move accordingly. If the movers tell you it will take two hours, then you can navigate your day around that. If they tell you 8 hours, you can create a timeline around that, or if you had opted to have them pack it all up, consider packing it yourself ahead of time to save time!
3. What tools do you need to provide and what does the moving company provide?
Now this is a big one. Ask the moving company if there is anything you need to provide or if they have everything they need to move your property properly. Consider things like, do you need certain pieces unassembled, or do you have an antique heirloom like a China cabinet, that needs extra protection, or perhaps you’re concerned about scratches on your hardwood floors. Talk with the moving company about how they handle all of these situations.
Here at Bob the Mover, we want to ensure this is your best move ever, with as much ease as possible. We are here to listen, answer questions, and reassure you we are the best and most professional.
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