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COVID-19 Moving Tips from a Niagara Moving Company

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COVID-19 Moving Tips from a Niagara Moving Company
We’re a long way into the current pandemic that has ruined most of 2020. Whatever misfortunes it caused you—if you’re looking to move you must move. Is your rental period over? Are you looking to become a first-time homebuyer? Are you downsizing for retirement? Regardless of circumstances, moves still need to happen. That’s where we, as a Niagara moving company, come in with some advice. Read below and decide for yourself if you need Niagara movers or not during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

To Move or Not to Move?

First you need to decide if it is the right time for you to move or not. Do you have underlying conditions? Is your move out of necessity or desire? If you can wait it’s probably better from a safety standpoint. If your move must happen, make sure you familiarize yourself with your Niagara moving company beforehand to make sure they have COVID-19 practices in place and are adhering to government orders.

Choose Carefully

Ask your Niagara movers what their practices are with regards to sanitizing their materials and workers between jobs. If the Niagara moving company you hire shows up with workers ready to work without masks and dirty materials—it may not be the most safe option available. Bob the Mover for example sanitizes their hands between pick up and drop off as well as after handling any pieces that seem suspect. We also wear masks and ensure we leave the smallest number of droplets possible to protect you, our customers. We don’t bring any more than the necessary number of movers on to a job as well for similar reasons.

Virtual Quote

If you’re uncomfortable or at risk in these times, we recommend opting for a virtual quote instead of an in-home quote for your safety. While it may not be as accurate as an in-home quote; it may be what you need. If your Niagara movers insist on doing in-home quotes without offering the option of an online or virtual quote, they may not have the best pandemic practices in their mind.


While most Niagara movers will bring their own sanitization materials, it is best if you sanitize your house before the moving date. This will provide the highest level of protection for the movers and yourselves. Allow the workers to wash their hands if needed to make sure everyone can take the utmost precautions to reduce risks.

Social Distance

Stay six feet apart when possible. Movers know how to move, so make sure you’re simply there as a guidance force rather than an obstacle. Wearing a mask yourself will also reduce the risk of transmitting anything you may be carrying to the workers. Make sure any elders or children are safely in another part of the house or not present as all during the move.

Disinfect.. Again

Now that you’re moved into your new home, be sure to sanitize everything that was moved. On top of this you should also disinfect anywhere that was used by the previous owners or anyone who isn’t a member of your family. Make sure to wear gloves and a mask when unpacking boxes, totes, and other such things. Most importantly of all—be safe.
Bob the Mover is a licensed, professional, and safe Niagara moving company that takes the COVID-19 pandemic and moving your belongings seriously. Contact us for a free in-home or virtual quote now.
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