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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Perfect Cleaning

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Bob the Mover: Niagara Falls Moving Company

Spring Cleaning Niagara Falls Moving Company​

Spring is around the corner. It’s still bitterly cold and full of snow but we’re all hoping for a mid-March start. With spring comes the perfect opportunity to clean what you’ve been putting off.

While you may want to get spring cleaning done, don’t waste more time than you need to accomplish your goals and tasks.

Listen to me. I’ll help you get your home ready in no time.


Organizational skills are important. This is starting to sound like a moving blog. Anyways, make a structure plan of what you need to accomplish.

Rooms: Where are you cleaning?

Schedule: What time will you focus on each room or area?
Products and Tools: What do you need?

Tips: What should the cleaner do to make the job easier for themselves?

A little planning goes a long way. You may think we’re just a Niagara Falls moving company, but we know a lot about many things.


Make a list of what you need and in which quantity. Purchase what you need to only.

I recommend going for the strongest supplies possible. Saving thirty cents for an inferior product will add hours to your cleaning that you could have spent working, thus costing you money.

Just remember one thing—the product is doing the cleaning, not you. Go for quality products.

While working in a Niagara moving company, I’ve seen a lot of houses. I can instantly tell the difference between a clean house and a dirty house. I can even tell the difference between one that used quality products and one that used extra effort with inferior products.


Don’t split your time between different rooms. One room at a time.

Starting with one room will allow you to see the finished result immediately. This will prevent you from getting discouraged in the way you would if you finished one task in ten rooms and still saw such a large mess.

It’s up to personal preference if you want to start with the hardest room or the easiest room. As someone that works in a Niagara Falls moving company, I prefer the former. Starting hard makes the end easy.

Work Smart; Not Hard

Don’t over-clean or exert extra strength when unnecessary. Soak dishes that need to be scrubbed beforehand for example. Let the chemicals soften the grime in your bathroom before you start cleaning.

There’s a lot of small ways in which you can let yourself off easy. Most of your appliances have self-cleaning functions—use them.

Clean After Cleaning

Guess what the dirtiest thing in your house is? More than likely your mops, sponges, clothes, and other materials used for cleaning. You’ve got to wash these things too!

You can’t clean your house if your mop is dirty. Likewise, for other materials it’s the same.

Bleach and water can effectively disinfect your supplies in roughly 30 seconds. Just don’t drink the bleach, it doesn’t cure COVID-19.

Remember Everything

Where do you neglect ninety percent of the year? Under the oven? Behind the fridge? Get them all.

Don’t forget to clean around anywhere that pumps water as well. Check for water damage in your basements. I can’t tell you how many moldy basements I’ve seen in my years working in a Niagara Falls moving company.

Create MIA (Most Important Areas)

What’s the most important area in your house? Probably whichever is the most visible. Be-it a front entrance, living room, open-concept kitchen or otherwise.

Start there and work towards the least important areas. Think about it like this: if you’re cleaning like you’re preparing for a move—where would your Niagara moving company go first? Clean there.

Toss the Junk

How can your house be clean if there’s still stuff everywhere when you’re done? Most of your stuff is probably not important or used by you.

Take spring cleaning as a good time to throw out what you don’t need anymore. Think about it from the moving perspective one more time. Would you really be willing to pay a Niagara moving company to move your thirty-seven foldout TV dinner tables?

Plan for the Future

When you notice where clutter is accumulating—take a note. Why is it gathering there? How can I prevent it in the future? This is the key to making spring cleaning easier the following year.

It’s important to remember about your own impact on the environment and how to reduce your role in creating garbage for the planet.

While we’re not a cleaning company—you may just find after cleaning you’re ready for a move. If you’re looking for a Niagara moving company—look no further than Bob the Mover. Bob the Mover services the entire Niagara region with the utmost professionalism. For a free in-home quote contact us now. Bob the Mover is the 2020 Diamond award-winning reader’s choice best moving company in both the St Catharines and Niagara Falls regions.

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