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Winter Moving Tips from a St Catharines Moving Company

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Winter Moving Tips from a St Catharines Moving Company
While it is usually not the most convenient time of year to move in Canada, people still do need to move—yourself included. There can be many challenges and tribulations to face in a winter move. As a moving company in St Catharines we have compiled and offered our best advice to help you move forward with your winter move. While the weather can be quite cold and unforgiving, there are a few steps to take to avoid having a negative experience.

Clear the Snow

If you’re hiring St Catharines movers, it is of the utmost importance that every walkway be clear. Snow can be quite dangerous as it is slippery and bring water into your home. Clearing paths which the St Catharines movers will use will make things much simpler. Please keep in mind that it is quite likely your moving company in St Catharines will charge a fee for clearing the snow themselves. Salting the pathways can also be important in icy conditions.

Watch the Weather

Check the weather of your moving date in advance and keep tabs on it as it draws nearer. No matter how you get your weather source, make sure you know how the moving date will be. Daylight is also sparse in the winter so make sure you’re booking your move for earlier in the day if possible. If there’s a storm that simply won’t allow for a move, reschedule with your St Catharines moving company prior to the date. Winter is generally the least busy time of the year for St Catharines movers—allowing more schedule flexibility than usual. If you can, look for a day that is relatively clear to allow your St Catharines movers to do the best job.

Dress Appropriately

Just due to the nature of a move you will need to be present for the load and unload for the convenience of your St Catharines moving company. Be sure to keep warm in the event of below freezing temperatures. Also keep in mind that you’ll likely be inside your heated home much of the time; try to avoid sweating by wearing the correct amount of clothing. This won’t affect your St Catharines moving company but it’s a good tip, nonetheless.

Protect Your Home

There will be quite a lot of foot traffic going through your home. Confirm with your moving company in St Catharines that they bring protective materials such as floor runners. If for some strange reason they do not, try having something similar in place in your home to prevent damage. Noted diamond award winning moving company in St Catharines Bob the Mover provides this service free of charge on all moves.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Just in case anything is going to go wrong, it’s good to keep certain materials on hand. A shovel, first aid kit and food are such things. In extreme weather power outages, slips, falls, and other such accidents can happen which could result in needing these items. Being prepared will save you any potential hassles.

If you follow these tips you should be in store for a relatively easy winter move. If you’re thinking about moving this winter and are looking for a trusted moving company in St Catharines, Bob the Mover is the reader’s choice best moving company in St Catharines for 2020. Contact us for a free in-home quote.

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