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Why Moving in Summer is So Popular

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Make your Summer move easier with St Catharines Moving Company Bob The Mover

Most people look forward to summer the whole year, but if you’ve got a move planned maybe you’re hesitant. Moving is a long and tiresome process that entails a lot of stress. Imagine giving up part of your summer to move—sounds terrible right? For the reasons below and more, summer is a great and terrible time to move.

1. Good Weather:

The number one reason people look to move in summer is the weather is great. Imagine moving in a snowstorm—it’s hard for even the most experienced movers in St Catharines. Spring showers can also put a damper on things. Moving companies in St Catharines tend to see their peak season in the summer for this reason. The increased amount of daylight also helps if you’re running late—sometimes you have until 10:00 PM to finish your move.

2. Lease Time:

Whether you have tenants, or are a landlord of a building, you would prefer leases to begin and expire in the summer. If you can, the warm and dry climate will mean less work, less mud and dirt, and an easier amount of effort put towards repairs. Just make sure you book your movers in St Catharines—demand will be high!

3. School’s Out:

If you have a family with children, moving during the school year can be disastrous. An already stressful time on your kids can be amplified if leaving part-way through the school year. Moving at the end of the school year before the new one begins is ideal.

4. Vitamin D:

The sun itself is a great benefactor to having good health. In the summer people tend to be more active and in better shape. The sun giving you benefits such as preventing inflammation and improved bone health is going to help tremendously when moving. You’re less likely to get injured in summer! Sweating also reduces endorphins which improve your mood and mental health. It’s no wonder movers in St Catharines are so busy during summer.

5. Improved Agility:

One thing you won’t be wearing in summer is a winter coat. Most moving companies in St Catharines have uniforms to let you know who they are—in the summer they’re much lighter. Having less clothing allows less chance for things getting caught and allows for movers in St Catharines to move much quicker and get the job done.

6. Vacation Time:

So maybe you’re not looking for moving companies in St Catharines. Maybe you want to do everything by yourself or with friends. You’re in luck, most vacation time is taken during the summer. You’ll have a higher chance of finding some friends or family to help you with your move in summer.

What Does a Popular Season Mean for You?

Get a move on! From looking for moving companies in St Catharines to your final move, you don’t have much time to waste. Make sure your trucks are booked if need be, your elevators are reserved, your boxes are packed, or anything else you need to do. Keep in mind that moving during the week is going to give you an advantage in availability compared with weekends. Be flexible, be ready. Summer is upon us and it’s time to move! If you’re ready to book you can contact us here at Bob the Mover for a free in-home quote.
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