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Why Choose a Trustworthy Niagara Region Moving Company?

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Bob the Mover: Niagara Region Moving Company

Bob the Mover: Niagara Region Moving Company
In the fantasy world of fantastical things: nothing ever goes wrong. Unfortunately, we live in reality where bad things can happen. You’ve booked a moving company in Niagara Falls, you’re ready to go—then they call and cancel or worse—no show your moving day. Why is this happening to me? Good question, simple answer. It happened because you didn’t choose a trustworthy Niagara region moving company. The importance of choosing a trustworthy company can not be understated, so here’s what can happen when you choose someone unreliable:

What Can They Do to Cause You Harm?

There are a lot of things that a Niagara region moving company will do for you, but what’s something that a disreputable or unlicensed mover will do?
  •         Break your things: If they don’t have proper training the likelihood of broken pieces goes up exponentially.
  •         Damage your house: Are they going to watch the corners? Use protective gear on the floors and walls? Likely not.
  •         Lose your items: Some items may be lost, and some may be “lost”.
  •         Stolen items: “Lost”
  •         Stolen identity: Who knows what information they’ll get access to when moving your personal belongings
  •         Privacy: Not only can disreputable companies break your things; they can mark your home and take note of what you have for future use.
Luckily, these are things that can be avoided simply by hiring a reputable and trustworthy moving company in Niagara Falls. Now how can you tell the difference? Here are a few signs of an unreliable company:


Red flags pop up all the time. They don’t always indicate a disreputable company, but having more than one can be a pretty good indicator.

No Certification

All moving companies should be certified. These certificates are not particularly difficult to acquire for a legitimate business. Not having one is a giant indicator that something is wrong. Having a certificate is not the be all end all of legitimacy of course, but it’s a good start. It means the company is tracked and governed properly by the correct authorities.

Amazing Deals

We get it, you want to save money. Who doesn’t love keeping their hard-earned money? Moving is expensive and for a reason. You should shop around and find the Niagara region moving company that suits your needs. However, this doesn’t mean going for the cheapest kijiji ad you can find.
If all the reputable companies are offering you one fairly consistent price and you find someone offering to do the work for half the price, there’s a pretty good chance something is fishy. At the very least try to do additional research as to why their price is lower. Maybe you’ve just found the best moving company in Niagara Falls, but maybe you just got scammed.

No insurance

Insurance goes with the territory of moving. If you’re looking at a moving company in Niagara Falls, chances are they have some sort of insurance policy available. Things can break regardless of the quality of the company and usually they want to cover all the bases before beginning a move. Ask beforehand what insurance policies they have, if there are none, they’re probably not a company you want to deal with.

No Physical Address

Most legitimate businesses will have an office or location that you can find online. Why is this important? Illegitimate companies can show up to your house, pack your things, and then leave and keep them. How do you complain? Their website is now disconnected as well as their phone, and there’s no location to go to or hand over to the police. Make sure your moving company has a physical location.

Bob the Mover: Niagara Region Moving Company

Bob the Mover is a legitimately licensed and insured moving company that has a good reputation for handling your moving and storage needs. Our team are professional and work with the utmost respect, care and diligence to make sure your belongings are packed and unpacked safely from your old home to your new home. To get a free in-home quote contact Bob the Mover today.

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