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What to Do When Movers are Moving?

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After a long preparation period, the day has come; it’s time to move! Waiting for your movers in St Catharines can lead to anxious feelings of excitement.

St Catharines Movers Are Moving

Now that you yourself have finished packing and are waiting for the movers, what are you going to do when they arrive? Whether it’s your first or tenth time using Professional St Catharines Movers, here is how to make the day go by smoothly.

1. Be There and Be Fair

Make sure moving companies in St Catharines have access to your property at the agreed upon time. It’s understandable that you need to wake up, or maybe have a cup of coffee to get ready for your day; but movers in St Catharines also need to start their day on time. Being busy is also understandable, but it’s difficult to move your things if you’re not there. For a move without stress and delays, it’s good to be on-site and ready to go.

2. Introduce Yourself to the Boss

Every crew will have a manager or a boss to deal with for any questions or concerns available. It doesn’t matter which of the many moving companies in St Catharines you are working with—all of them have a manager. Their focus will be to oversee and make sure nothing goes wrong. Being in communication with them is a great way to get what you want done the way you want it.

3. Open Communication

If you have problems, let the movers know. Don’t be afraid of giving notes to your movers in St Catharines. They’re all experienced and professional in dealing with day-to-day problems and concerns and understand the value of your valuables to you. If you have a question even, they can explain why they’re moving something a certain way.

4. Safety First

Make sure the environment is safe for the movers. Moving companies in St Catharines will need a safe distance to work from, as well as any social distancing requirements that are currently in effect. You can also make sure the floor is clean of any tripping hazards.
If you live in an apartment try to make sure the hallways are empty of tripping hazards or your neighbours are aware a move is taking place. If possible, it’s good to have access to your elevator in lockdown mode; you can speak with your building manager ahead of time.

5. Be Ready to Travel to Your New Home

Whether you need a taxi, a friend, or any other mode of transport, it will help moving companies in St Catharines if you’re at your new home to let them in as soon as they get there. Make sure you plan ahead of time if you can’t drive yourself.

6. Above and Beyond

By no stretch are these things necessary, but they are greatly appreciated. Offering beverages during hot days, or a small snack is a small gesture that your movers will be thrilled about. Tips are also not mandatory but will leave a lasting impression on your movers. Don’t feel pressured to do these things however, it’s entirely dependent on you and what you think. A great job will be done regardless of any such things.

To Summarize

Make sure you’re at the move, out of the way but communicating and ready for whatever pops up. Simple! If you’re thinking about moving, don’t hesitate to contact Professional Moving Company Bob the Mover for a free in-home (or in-business) quote. Our crew works diligently to solve your moving needs with the utmost care and respect for your belongings.

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