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Wait Before You Unpack—Top 10 Small Home Fixes to Finish First

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Welland Moving Services 10 Small Home Fixes

Wow! You’re finally ready to move into your house. The paperwork is ready, your keys are in your hand—time to move! Your Welland moving services are hopefully booked and ready. You have a ridiculous number of items that you never would have guessed you’d had in a million years.

Hold it! Before you unpack everything make sure to fix these common problems first. Did you have the house inspected before purchasing? If it’s a new build—did you simply assume everything was clean and ready? If possible, fix these issues before your Welland moving services show up. It’s easier to fix them in an empty house rather than needing to move furniture and other things later.

1: Windows

Check if your windows open and close properly, have missing or broken locks, or other problems. These aren’t just annoying—they’re a real safety hazard. In case of fire, windows are the first choice of exit if a doorway is blocked or burning. If your windows are easy to open it could also be an invitation for some burglars to gain easy access to your home. They also allow the air inside the house to get out—driving up your heating costs in winter and your air conditioning costs in the summer. Also, mosquitos (They’re the worst!).

2: Doors & Locks

Does every key fit? Do doors fit frames properly? Is any air escaping? Checking for these things allows you to make sure burglars don’t have easy access to your home. Also check to see if your furniture can even fit through your new doors before moving services in Welland arrive.

3: Air Ducts

Do you suffer from allergies? Yes? Then you probably know the pain of dirty air ducts. Change all the air filters. Are you pet free moving into a home that previously housed pets? Double the reason to change the filters. Plenty of things can collect inside and sometimes it can be worth it to pay professionals to clean them out before you move in.

4: Pests

Generally, pests start outside your home and slowly move inside. Check for concrete cracks, the aforementioned doors and windows, and your roof for any issues. Some pests also survive inside appliances and are immune to certain poisons. If you have cockroaches then be sure to call professionals to handle the issue.

5: What the Smell?!

Smoking is a fading hobby compared to the 1950’s. For those who do smoke though, it’s easy to tell by going to their home. Carpeting, window decorations and other things are particularly adept at containing smoke. Be sure to air out your home and get it professionally cleaned if necessary.

6: Appliances

Does the stove work? Does the washing machine wash clothing? It’s better to check before purchasing the home, but just in case do a test run of everything when you get the keys. If anything needs to be fixed or replaced take notes. You may even be able to convince your Welland moving services to help you move your new appliances in.

7: Structural Issues

Are your floors even? Any water damages? Foundation cracks? Missing roof tiles? Check to make sure—these usually turn into very expensive problems. Make a list of urgent repairs and long-term repairs that need to be done. No house is going to be perfect immediately.

8: Style—Make it Yours

Do you absolutely hate something in your new home? The floors? The walls? The sunken living room? It’s better to get these things done before any moving services in Welland arrive. Doing it later could mean chemicals on your furniture or having to re-move everything. If this isn’t possible, ask your moving services in Welland to place items in a room you don’t want to change soon.

9: Water Issues

Are you gutters and downspouts clean? This is an admittedly small detail that could turn into leaks later if not dealt with. Don’t procrastinate!

10: Electrical and Plumbing

Are the toilets flushing properly? Are sinks and showers draining slowly? It could be a sign of clogged pipes that need replacing. Pools and puddles in the yard could mean a broken or leaking underground pipe. Check all outlets to make sure they work—try charging your phone or plugging in a lamp to do it quickly. Check every light switch works—make sure you’re using working light bulbs. Replace any older lightbulbs with modern LED lights to save costs and improve the lighting quality in your home.

Once you’ve finished, you’re ready to move in with the help of your moving services in Welland. If you’re looking for professional moving services in Welland—look no further than Bob the Mover. For a free in-home quote contact us now. Bob the Mover is the 2020 Diamond award-winning reader’s choice best moving company in both the St Catharines and Niagara Falls regions.

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