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Tips from a St Catharines Moving Company to be Done by Dinner

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Tips from a St Catharines Moving Company to be Done by Dinner
While you may be thinking it’s not possible to finish a move in a day; we’ve got some tips for you as a moving company in St Catharines.

Step 1: Gather Packing Materials

Being prepared is the first step in every quick move. If you’re not finished packing by the time a moving company in St Catharines shows up—you’ve waited too long! Get as many boxes as possible. Small and strong boxes for heavy items like books and such. Medium or bigger for larger items without much weight. Putting too many books into a medium box is a recipe for disaster. Avoid the largest boxes—they’re not meant to hold hundreds of pounds. Often people will overfill them, and they’ll break during the moving process. Pack your breakables into bubble wrap or whatever you have. Avoid certain types of newspaper as the ink can wear off on your China. Blankets for furniture. If hiring a St Catharines moving company, they’ll provide most of the services on moving day minus box-packing.
Tip: Look for used boxes where possible.

Step 2: Organize your Plan

Leave enough materials in each room to pack that room. Make sure there’s enough room to move around in the room to pack it. This will save you time from running back and forth between rooms for materials. Find a way to separate rooms by color or other methods so you know clearly which box is going to which room. Coloured markers, labels, or shapes are a good way to make a clear distinction. Make one colour per room and on the unload place some coloured tape above each room. This will make it easy for your moving company in St Catharines to know where to go.

Step 3: Pack!

Everything is ready to go—so do it. Get everything into boxes at a reasonable pace and get them taped up. Just follow the plan you’ve laid out and follow the tips listed above. If hiring a St Catharines moving company, you may be able to rent some wardrobe boxes for less than the cost of boxes you’ll likely never use again. Wrap your nightstand or dressers to save space. If the dresser is too heavy be sure to remove items before wrapping. Leaving small nightstands and such as is will save you packing and unpacking time later. Let your moving company in St Catharines deal with the rest.

Step 4: Move Out

If hiring movers, this isn’t something you need to worry about! If not—try to go room by room so you can keep your items together and make things easier on your non-professional helpers.

Step 5: Move In

Everything is at your new place—nothing is broken. A dream has come true. Do the opposite of when you moved out—move everything in room by room, or let the movers handle it. Try unpacking your kitchen and bathroom first—worry about your bedroom after dinner. Be sure to know beforehand where you want your heavy items to go. It’s hard to move a treadmill by yourself later.
That’s it, now you’re ready for a quick done by dinner move. If you’re looking to move, Bob the Mover is an award-winning Niagara Region moving company which covers all your moving and storage needs. For a free in-home quote contact us now.
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