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Tips from a St Catharines Moving Company: What to Buy Before Moving In

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Bob The Mover: St Catharines Moving Company

Tips from a St Catharines Moving Company
While you’re probably ready for your move at this point, buying some certain home essentials before moving can save a lot of time. The items listed below by Bob The Mover: St Catharines Moving Company will make your transition a lot smoother.

Cleaning Products and Accessories

New house, old house; it doesn’t matter either way. You’ll want to clean up after the sale closes. Make sure you buy them in advance to ensure you can clean your house immediately. Sometimes St Catharines movers will drag in some dirt depending on the weather—or your furniture will have some surprises under it you didn’t know about prior to the move.
Cleaning products: Different cleaners do different things, nevertheless most people will have glass cleaner, disinfectant, all-purpose cleaner and paper towels in their cleaning supply list.
Vacuum cleaner: Especially for carpeted homes; it’s an essential piece of equipment.
Broom/Dustpan: Sweeping the floors is generally good for their longevity and your lungs will thank you. It will help with any dust brought in by your older furniture by the St Catharines moving company. Consider the size of your new house before buying your broom, a mini one may suffice.
Mop: Washing your floors is good right? There are many varieties of mops; get the one that’s right for you. Just make sure you clean it after use.


Lighting You never know before moving if the previous owner is going to leave anything behind. Imagine getting to your new place and there’s no lights—quite the inconvenience for your St Catharines movers. Even if the lights are in place, you may find the lighting lacking in certain areas and in need of some supplemental lighting. Make sure you know what type of lightbulbs the existing fixtures use, there are primarily four types:
Incandescent: The most common type of light. They’re usually the cheapest and generally are not energy efficient.
LED: They use about 75% less energy than the incandescent lights, and last 25 times longer; they’re a bit more expensive but are dropping in price gradually.
Compact Fluorescent: These bulbs, CFLs, also use 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb and last 25 times longer. Great for difficult to reach areas.
Halogen: These let off a very bright and white light. They are also more efficient than incandescent bulbs but can get dangerously hot.

Bathroom Supplies

The bathroom is where you’ll spend a great deal of your life, you may as well be prepared. There may even be a chance your St Catharines movers will need to use the bathroom in the event of a long move.
Toiletries: Toilet paper mostly. If there isn’t a toilet paper holder you may need to install one yourself. A toilet brush and plunger may also be necessary.
Shower: Make sure you’ve got a shower curtain depending on the type of shower available in the home. You may not want to shower in the open with cold air pressing against you.


Not the windows themselves of course—who would take windows with them in a move? While it would make things easier for your St Catharines moving company, there will more than likely be windows. This applies more to the things that go on your windows such as:
Curtains: Hate light? There’s a curtain for that. Want something pretty? A curtain for that. Privacy? Definitely a curtain for that. Curtains are an important decorative tool to make your house feel like it’s yours. Drapes and shades fall into this category as well.
Blinds: In the same vein as the curtains, there are blinds to suit your needs. Make sure you have them if you don’t want people looking into your home.


You’ve got the perfect spot for your computer sorted out, but there isn’t an electrical outlet there, uh oh. This can be solved with some pre-planning like most problems in the world. This generally boils down to buying some extension cords and maybe a surge protector if you want to be safe. You may also require some batteries to power some of your devices, make sure your fire alarm works as well.


Not the same storage as a St Catharines movers supplies. Items to help you store your own things in your own home.

St Catharines movers supplies
Hangers: You have clothes, right? You’ll probably need some hangers for sweaters, coats, long pants and anything else similar. Being organized saves space and hangers are one of the best organization tools you have.
Totes/boxes: Not everything you pack needs to be unpacked. Totes and boxes are great for keeping seasonal or cherished memories put out of sight in a safe place. They’ll still be there when you need them.


Stuff breaks; it’s inevitable. Even if you’re not a handyperson, you’ll still need a few tools on hand to fix problems. Any basic toolkit will do the trick, just to be ready for when life happens. A hammer, screwdriver, pliers and a drill may be enough.

First Aid

Hopefully not for yourself—just in case it is good to have one lying around. First aid kits contain all the essentials to deal with minor injuries, go to the hospital if you’ve got something severe. You can buy them pre-packed or make one yourself.


Are you in a safe neighbourhood? Even if so, it’s better to take care of your new investment. There are a few things you should do quickly after buying a house.
Change the locks: Who knows how many copies the previous owner had or handed out to friends and family? It only takes one person to make trouble. You can do it yourself or call a locksmith. If you really want to you can also rekey your locks, which may be a bit more expensive. The choice is yours.


If you’re at this point, you’re ready to start shopping to prepare for your move. If you’ve already bought your things and are looking for a St Catharines moving company; Bob the Mover is a professional and licensed moving company that provides services to the entire Niagara region. Contact us here for a free in-home quote now.

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