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6 Moving Tips From St Catharines Moving Company

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Most of the moving process involves leaving your old home. However, unloading your things, bringing them into a new home and unpacking them can take just as much time as packing them.
A lot of people feel their work is done after packing. This can often lead to carelessness that can result in damaging their new home.
Movers in St Catharines like St Catharines moving company Bob the Mover will automatically complete some of the steps listed as part of the job.
With all that said, we’ll give you six pieces of advice for protecting your new home whether you’re using St Catharines moving company Bob the Mover, other movers in St Catharines, or doing a DIY move.

1. Choose professional movers

Anyone can have an accident, but most property damage happens during a move-in as a result of inexperience or improper item handling. Movers will have seen many of the problems and issues in the past and best know how to deal with them. Is it too heavy? Is it awkward? Movers in St Catharines will help you solve the problem. This includes St Catharines moving company Bob the Mover.
Using professional movers in St Catharines ensures that risks even you may not be aware of are taken care of. Using movers in St Catharines also reduces the risks that heavy items possess. This includes dropped items, clipped corners, and other such things that can happen during self-moving. Some companies including St Catharines moving company Bob the Mover can also insure some items.

2. Clean before unloading

One thing people tend to do after moving is sleep. While a dirty home won’t stop you from sleeping, it can put an uneasy or unwelcome feeling on your mind.
Sweep, dust, and spray for pests if necessary, before moving. It will save you time after movers in St Catharines have left.

3. Think about how your house is arranged

What do you have to move? Where do you want it to go? These are simple questions that don’t always have simple answers. If you have something big that needs to go somewhere small, think if you have enough space to get it there. Keep in mind where objects with sharp corners like appliances need to go. This will help any movers in St Catharines.
Think about every entrance to your house, does your side door have a bigger entrance than your front? Does your garage have direct entry into the house? Working with professionals like St Catharines moving company Bob the Mover will save you time. Keep in mind sometimes the best entrance won’t be a door. Movers in St Catharines will be able to help in most situations.

4. Floor coverings are key

One of the most vulnerable and easy to damage parts of your new home is the flooring. Whether you have carpet, hardwood, tile, and any combination of those, floor coverings can help protect from stains, scratches, tears, or any other type of damage. St Catharines moving company Bob the Mover already provides these as part of the moving process. If you are trying a DIY move, considering buying some for yourself.
For carpet, cardboard can be used as a simpler form of protection. Plastic sheeting or drop clothes can also help. Just be sure to check for tripping hazards. Hardwood can be protected by plywood or plastic film.
Aside from these floor coverings, try getting high-quality porch mats for each entrance you want movers in St Catharines to use. Try to encourage your family members to clean their shoes upon entering the home as well, especially during rain or snow.

5. Try to keep kids and pets away

After you’ve got many of the smaller details figured out, you can also make the job easier for yourself or movers in St Catharines by keeping kids and pets away from the high-traffic areas. It’s for their safety and the safety of your home.
A distressed or hurt animal may be inclined to scratch up carpet. A child may also spill things while unsupervised. If possible, it’s better to leave them in a secondary location during the move. This will make it easier for movers in St Catharines to do their job, or you to do it yourself in a DIY move.
If you have nowhere to send them, considering leaving one area of the house for them to stay in with entertainment and snacks available to make sure they are safe and occupied.

6. Make sure you’ve done safety checks

On top of risks from moving, there are also risks involved in new houses of theft due to lower security measures like generic locks, poor outdoor lighting, or no or poor alarm systems.
Make sure you change your locks after moving in to ensure you are the only person with a copy of your key.
After reading through these tips make sure you are prepared before moving. Movers in St Catharines like St Catharines moving company Bob the Mover can offer advice on any job.
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