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Tips for Moving Your Elderly Parents

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Bob The Mover: St Catharines Senior Moving Company

St Catharines Senior Moving Company

Time ages us all, there’s no shame in that. As your parents start to get into their senior years, it’s important to monitor how their living conditions are. Naturally, long staircases and gigantic houses are not much good for an older person to have to deal with daily. Eventually, a downsize makes practical sense. Whether moving to a smaller house, retirement community, or assisted living facility, it is important to make their transition quick and painless. Sometimes it can be difficult to convince your parents to move out of their home but delaying too long will just increase the amount of stress and work involved.

To avoid and conquer any problems that arise, it’s best to start planning and assisting your parents with downsizing months in advance. This gives you a great opportunity to choose the best living conditions for your parents, as well as reducing the stress level to an insignificant amount. To help you with this enormous task, follow some of the tips below:

Two Months Before Moving

Have a realistic date in mind at this point. Communicate and ensure everyone is on board with the move and what items you wish to keep, as well as what items will be sold or donated. Additionally, it is important to have the moving location decided at this point. After this is finished, you can proceed to the following:
  • Identify items to be sold or donated. The less you have, the easier it will be for a St Catharines Senior Moving Company to assist. Move these items out of the house before the move.
  • Call reliable movers in St Catharines and start checking out quotes—get a free in-home quote from Bob the Mover here. After choosing your St Catharines moving company, book the date you wish to move. Keep in mind moving dates can fill up fast, we recommend having this done early.
  • Get moving supplies. Boxes, packing materials, scissors, tape, anything.
  • Make sure your documents are in order. Legal, financial, medical, whatever—get them in a secure location that either you or your parents can access.

One Month Before Moving

Now you’re ready to think about how to pack everything, and in which order you will pack things. Also consider getting important things like address changes or cancelling insurance policies that won’t apply after the move. Doing this advance lets you focus on only moving during the move.
  • Pack items you rarely use, including out-of-season clothing or holiday supplies.
  • If your parents have pets, arrange where they will stay or be taken care of during the move.
  • Cancel any outstanding insurance policies on your old house.
  • Make any address change arrangements with the post office.
  • Make sure you call your St Catharines moving company and update any item changes.

Two Weeks Before Moving

The move is coming soon—it’s time to make the final preparations.
  • Organize your utilities—cancel anything that can’t be transferred to the new home.
  • Arrange any new utilities that need to be set up at the new home.
  • Make sure your movers in St Catharines are on the same page with you.

One Week Before Moving

The move is growing nearer, now you’re ready to pack. Contact any relevant persons about the move.
  • Tell your friends, delivery services, banks, or other parties about the change of address.Prepare necessities to remain unpacked for the move.
  • Prepare necessities to remain unpacked for the move.
  • Finish packing. Movers in St Catharines may not accept open boxes or totes, so ensure everything is packed neatly.

Moving Day

It’s always sad to move on from a home you’ve spent many years in, but change is inevitable. Try your best to keep your stress and your parents stress low during the move. Have all necessary information on-hand at this point. Make sure everything is labelled properly to ease the workload on your St Catharines moving company.
Have the phone numbers of your movers, as well as any other parties that may be coming to the new location.
  • Prepare your payment for the movers in St Catharines.
  • Be on-site to ensure the movers get everything into the right position.
  • Keep valuables with yourself, such as jewellery or other things.
  • Arrange somewhere for your parents to stay during the move if possible.
  • Save receipts for tax reductions.

After the Move

Now the move is over—finally. Now your parents can move to their new home and begin the next chapter of their life. There are still a few things you can do to help the adjustment.
  • Tour the new home, let them know where everything is.
  • Teach them how to work their new TV, internet, or phone setups.
  • Drive around the area to let them know which stores and attractions are close to them.
  • Double check if everything is in place whether it’s utilities or comfortability.
  • If at a staffed location, ensure they know of any complications or requirements your parents have.
  • Be ready for any problems your parents will run into for the next few months.
Doing all these things can really decrease the stress level of your parents and make their transition into retirement living smooth. If you require a move for your parents, don’t hesitate to contact Bob the Mover for a free in-home quote.
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