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Tips for Choosing a Reliable St Catharines Moving Company

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Bob the Mover: St Catharines Moving Company

Tips for Choosing a Reliable St Catharines Moving Company

Are you looking to move? Don’t know where to start? Let us point you in the right direction. Whether moving a home, business, or other type of settlement, it’s a hectic process. Think carefully about what you need moved, and if you can do it yourself. Can you move a safe, appliance, or furniture piece yourself? There’s a good chance the answer is no. Every problem comes with a built-in solution, and this is the same.

You certainly need a St Catharines moving company to handle this problem. But now comes the real issue: how do you find a reliable moving company?

Finding A Moving Company

There’s a few key ways to look for a reliable St Catharines moving company. Ultimately, we’re going to start with the key thing not to look for: the cheapest option. Very rarely, in any line of work, will the cheapest option be the most reliable. This goes double for the closest option to you. Look at all the companies that service your region and their reputation before making your choice. Reviews and customer satisfaction are good insight into what you’re signing up for.


Here are some tips to think over:

Can They Work In Your Location?

It doesn’t matter where you live, your company of choice needs to service that location.

The first step is to look at the option in your city directly, and then the cities surrounding your location. It’s important to check if your company does out of town moves if moving to a new city. Some companies may have limits on distance travelled. For example, they may not move you from the Niagara region to London.

St Catharines Movers Location Tips

Can They Do The Type Of Move You Want?

Every St Catharines moving company does moving in some capacity. Some however, may only do specific kinds. For example, there are hot tub movers, piano movers, short distance movers, long distance movers, and everything in between. Make sure you company offers the type of move you’re looking for. Do some research into the terminology of the type of move you’re doing.- Hot tub move: Moving a hot tub. Most moving companies will not offer this service. It’s hardly worth it to send 8 people to a job for them. Usually someone with a specialized tool will be needed.

Piano move: Believe it or not there are specialty movers that only move pianos. Some moving companies will offer this service as part of a move, others will not. You’ll need at least four workers on a piano move; for a smaller move a moving company may not offer the service.

Short distance move: House to house, apartment to house (and vice versa), storage to house (and vice versa), over a short distance (within 60km or a few cities). The most common type of move.

Long distance move: The same as a short distance, with a larger distance between locations. The reason for separating these is that some companies use rental trucks or have older vehicles they aren’t willing to subject to the additional mileage due to costs or chance of breakdown. Most will however but expect the fees to be high; crews still get paid for travel time.- Office moves: Moving office to office. Depending on what type of equipment you have many companies may rule themselves out.

International moves: Your company must be licensed as a business in both countries of operation to do such a thing. In many cases it’s not worth moving your stuff over international borders.

Check How They Work

How do they work? Hard, hopefully (just kidding). What I mean by how they work is are they organized, professional, and coherent in their ability to move? Companies without a standard of practice are more likely to damage your items. Do they have a proper way to set up equipment, carry items and generally avoid mistakes? You can always ask them if you have a question.

Look For Some Experience

Not all experience is good experience. As a rule of thumb, it is safer to go with experienced companies. Do research into what your St Catharines moving company is all about. Ask them how long they’ve been in business, if they’re certified and licensed, and if they have proof of insurance.

Is Your Choice Flexible?

Some companies may only offer loading and unloading services, leaving your items in a pile in your garage or living room. Others may offer unloading in your designated choice as an option. The sign of a good company is one that will take your feedback and adapt your move to fit you better. Laziness, anger, and frustration are not signs of a good moving company.

Can They Do Long Distance?

This one only effects you if you’re planning one, but if you are check beforehand. Whether moving out of province, to a far away storage unit, or any other long-distance location, make sure they both offer that service and have done it before to ensure a good move.

Finding The Right Company Takes Time

Keeping in mind everything above, it’s almost time to make a choice. It may be difficult to pick one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Consider everything before making a choice. If your company can offer you everything we’ve talked about, there’s a good chance they’re reliable.

If you’re looking for a St Catharines moving company—look no further than Bob the Mover. Bob the Mover services the entire Niagara region with the utmost professionalism. For a free in-home quote contact us now. Bob the Mover is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Movers

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