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Saving Money During a Residential Move

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Bob The Mover: Professional Welland Movers

Professional Welland Movers Saving Money
After moves the general sentiment is that a lot of money was spent; usually more than initially planned. Some costs are unavoidable, but with proper planning and precautionary measures you can ensure that the costs don’t become overwhelming. Follow these tips from professional Welland movers.

Make a Budget

Obviously having a budget is going to be the first step. Knowing what you can spend and what you must spend will paint a picture that you can then adjust to look how you want it to. Packing supplies, a professional Welland moving company, storage, and other things should be included in your initial budget. Different moving companies in Welland will have different prices, so try to get several quotes.

Check the Moving Rates

As mentioned previously—there are a lot of Welland movers, but not every Welland moving company has the same price. Some have fixed rates, some are hourly, some are professional, some are not. Be sure to figure out what works best for you. If Welland moving companies end up being out of your budget, and you’re strong enough to carry everything yourself; be sure to arrange a rental truck for your furniture. Booking in advance will ensure your Welland movers or truck have availability.

Move During Relaxed Times

Depending on the flexibility of your move, moving between September to April can be a little cheaper than the rest of the year. Different moving companies in Welland experience different peaks, but as a rule of thumb winter tends to be less busy for Welland movers. Check in with every Welland moving company to see who is in their busy season and who is not. Avoiding holidays, weekends, and the start/end of the month are also good tips to get the best price from your Welland moving company.

Downsize.. Downsize.. Downsize!

Welland moving companies flat or hourly both will charge you by the types of items you’re moving. The more you have, the more you’ll need to pay. Do the math in your head. Go through everything you have and check what is truly important to you. Having less things also means no storage fees. Keep in mind that Welland moving companies will have their own materials, which could save you money in-transit compared with a self-move.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

While this is generally great advice, it’s doubly important for saving money in the long run. A professional Welland moving company will take care of your items to ensure nothing is broken. Proper packing, safety measures, and transport are all part of hiring a professional moving company. Though it could cost slightly more, it could save hundreds of dollars from having to replace a broken television, couch, or other highly expensive item.

Bob The Mover: Professional Welland Movers

If you’re looking to move, feel free to contact Bob the Mover for a free in-home quote. On top of offering a high-quality professional service, we also provide competitive rates that will make you comfortable working with us. A Moving Company in Welland you can trust!

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