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Reasons to Move to Niagara/How to Move There

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Bob The Mover: Niagara Moving Company

Bob The Mover Niagara Moving Company

You’re from Toronto, you’ve lived there your whole life and are looking for a new challenge. Is the post-COVID world giving you a chance to work from home finally? Are you finally able to choose where you live and not just the closest place to work? Do you already own real estate in Toronto? Now’s the perfect time to move south into the Niagara region—just contact a local Niagara moving company. Here’s a list of reasons why the Niagara region is great for you.

1. Noise

Are you used to hearing cars all night? In the Niagara region your house is likely to be in a neighbourhood rather than a busy street. Noise will be greatly reduced, letting you go to sleep when you want to sleep.

2. Size

Ask any Niagara moving company and they’ll tell you—moving from Toronto to Niagara Falls always entails upsizing. The price you pay for a small flat in Toronto can get you a large house in the Niagara region. If moving long-distance from Toronto to Niagara keep in mind that a Niagara Falls moving company would do the job for cheaper than a Toronto area one.

3. Choice

The Niagara region has 12 municipalities, each with their own culture and personality. Some have a town feel, some have a city feel, and some have a country feel. Being able to choose your surroundings while having everything accessible within 30 minutes of driving is a fantastic option.

4. Business

Plenty of professional business opportunities are available in the Niagara region, with much lower costs of doing business. Less paid parking and lower rent could see increased foot traffic in your local business idea. Even if you’re relocating a business, there are Niagara Falls movers who can help you out.

5. Planting

The Niagara region has long summers and moderate winters compared with other parts of Canada—making it ideal for growing fruits and vegetables of all varieties. In Ontario you won’t get better local produce than in the Niagara region.

6. Meeting

You can meet new people in the Niagara region. As one of the most heavily visited areas in Canada, you will meet people from all walks of life in Niagara Falls. If interacting is your thing, this is the perfect place to do it.

7. Nature

On top of the Falls themselves, there are many other trails, conservation areas and parks to choose from in the Niagara region. 42 to be exact! Many of these areas aren’t as crowded as Niagara Falls, letting you grab a photo without any interference.

8. Water

The Niagara region is in between two of the great lakes—Erie and Ontario—there’s a lot to do in the water in summer. No matter what your water enthusiasm, you can do it here.

9. Sports

The 2021 Canada Summer Games will be held in Niagara, which will greatly increase the sports infrastructure in the region. Over $100 million will be invested, and facilities will be opened to the public after the games finish.

10. Home

Niagara isn’t far from home; you’ll still be able to get to Toronto relatively easily. The GO train even goes to Toronto currently from Niagara Falls. It’s also expanding into Grimsby, St. Catharines and further into the Falls in the next few years. Eventually it will be faster than driving to Toronto.
Now that you hopefully have the reason to move to Niagara, how exactly do you accomplish this?
First you need a house to live in of course. Check the real estate market for the various areas of the Niagara region and decide where you want to live and what your price range is. Once you’ve got your match it’s time to start planning.
After that you need to contact a Niagara moving company to help move your things. Many Niagara Falls movers have different quoting methods and different areas of expertise, so make sure to do your research. Do you need a flat rate, an hourly rate, or something in between? Do you have speciality items that only some Niagara Falls movers can move for you? Are the Niagara Falls movers you’re looking at professional with valid reviews and satisfied customers backing them up?
Once you’ve found a reliable Niagara Falls moving company, make sure you book your date early. It’s easy for them to be booked far in advance. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are days before a move and don’t have anything lined up. Once you’ve got your moving date booked, start packing and preparing. We have many blogs about the topic that you can read through. Be sure to contact your Niagara Falls moving company with any updates throughout the process such as new items and day before confirmation.
Are you ready to book a Niagara Falls moving company? Bob the Mover is an experienced Niagara moving company that has done many Toronto to Niagara relocations—contact us here for a free quote. Our crew work hard to ensure your items are treated as if they were our own.
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