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Reasons to Avoid Asking Friends to Help

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Bob The Mover: St Catharines Moving Company

Reasons to Avoid Asking Friends to Help St Catharines Moving Company
While you may be thinking, “Bob the Mover is a St Catharines moving company, of course they’d say that!”, don’t just take our word for it. We’ve got plenty of reasons why friends and family can turn a move into a disaster. Why not ask your friends? Firstly, professional St Catharines movers know what they’re doing. Secondly, should your friends be responsible for any mishaps or injuries it’s coming straight out of your pocket.
While this may not be the most convincing argument for you, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why below.

Friends Aren’t Reliable

While your friends may like you a fair bit, they may not be the most vigilant group of people. While they will say “yes” to helping you move, they may end up with other plans by the day of. They’re not going to treat it as a job as most St Catharines movers would.

Early is Better

Your friends likely won’t want to start at 7 in the morning if asked to help. As they’re just your friends, their schedule is the timeline you need to follow. Johnny can’t come until 2:00 PM. St Catharines movers don’t quite operate on the same timetable—what you want is the priority.

One Day of Work—Not Ten!

While friends may not want to start early—they also may not want to end late. They’ll want to converse, avoid heavy lifting, and may not care if everything gets done in one day. “You can get it tomorrow, it’s only small stuff”. This won’t happen with a professional St Catharines moving company.

Who Done It?

Oh no! Your valuable antique vase is broken. While your friends may have good intentions, they don’t know how to properly move breakables and could wind up costing you some cheddar. Whether it’s mirrors, artwork, or other such valuables, a St Catharines moving company will know how to move your valuables without breaking them. In the worst-case scenario that they do, you’ll be covered by their insurance so at least it’s not coming entirely out of your pocket.

Ahhh My Back

Got heavy stuff? Don’t ask your friends. They will feel obligated to say yes, but moving heavy things is not for everyone. Even St Catharines movers get hurt on the job sometimes, but they’re covered by workers’ comp. If your friend gets hurt they’re in trouble.

Scratch my back…

Even if your friends want to help you, you’re likely going to have to pay it forward in the future. Maybe they’re going to help your small move and expect you to move hundreds of boxes for them in the future. A St Catharines moving company only expects compensation—no futures involved.

Time is Money

Do you have the time to focus on a move? It comes down to prioritizing your time. Do you build your own car? Cook your own food 7 days a week? Build your own deck? While you can do all these things if you want to, generally you’ll turn to professionals every once and a while simply for the convenience. Professional movers make a big difference.
If you’re looking to move, Bob the Mover is an award-winning Niagara Region moving company which covers all your moving and storage needs. For a free in-home quote contact us now.
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