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Top Questions to Ask Your Apartment Management Before Moving In

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You’re ready to move into the perfect apartment. If you want a relatively perfect move-in day, make sure you have all the arrangements in place beforehand. If you show up without any preparations, you risk running into small problems like illegal parking, elevator delays, and other such things.
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To avoid these problems, ask the following questions before moving in:

1. What is my address?

Straight forward—your address will be necessary to hire any Niagara moving company. It lets them know where you live and where to bring your belongings.

2. Emergency contact information

If your plan is good, it can fall apart. If your plan is great, it can still fall apart. Delays happen, trucks can break down, roads can be closed, anything can happen. If you are going to have delays or arrive late, who should you contact? Make sure this person is available just in case—it will save you and your movers in Niagara Falls some headaches.

3. Are there any unloading policies?

Policies are policies, they can get in the way if ignored. You may need to book a loading dock or freight elevator in advance. The apartment manager may even require a list of items that you’ve already prepared for your Niagara moving company. If you’re renting a condo, it may be necessary to provide a certificate of insurance in case of damages to the property.

4. Are there scheduled timings on arrivals?

Depending on where the unload is taking place, you may require a reservation to access the parking area with your moving truck. Asking this question can give your apartment manager the time to arrange an empty lot or space for your Niagara moving company to come in. Usually they’ll give a time window, but you can’t know unless you ask.

5. Do I need wall and floor protection?

Movers in Niagara Falls generally have this taken care of, but make sure to ask just in case. Each building and management can have different opinions or rules about this subject.

6. Where can I park the truck? How long can I park it?

Depending on the city and your proximity to the road, parking can be difficult. If you’re renting your own truck or using movers in Niagara Falls you will need to confirm parking availability in advance. Are there areas specifically set aside for trucks? Is there a specific time of day that is preferred? Is there a time limit? Is there a size limit? All these questions should be answered beforehand to ensure parking is not an issue.

7. Where are the keys and building codes?

When you get to the building you probably want to go inside; where is your access? Make sure this is handled as most movers in Niagara Falls have upfront surcharges for long delays.

8. Can I arrange deliveries and utility changes before arriving?

If you oversee the utilities, you’ll want them available as soon as you move in. If you’re ordering anything such as furniture, see if you can have it delivered before you arrive.

9. Is there garbage disposal for packing materials?

Boxes need to be recycled, make sure the building can take any boxes you don’t intend to re-use. A Niagara moving company may take boxes for you for a fee or for free, but some may not take them at all. Make sure you have a plan in place.

10. Anything else I need to know?

In life this is a great question that covers things you didn’t think of yourself. It will allow the manager to tell you everything they want to say, as it may influence your move it’s good to listen. They may have experience in moves and tell you the best way to move big pieces or may have equipment available upon request.

Making sure you ask these questions in advance will likely result in a smooth move to your new apartment. If you’re planning a move, feel free to contact Bob the Mover for a free in-home quote. Our crew works diligently to solve your moving needs with the utmost care for your belongings.

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