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Niagara Moving Company FAQ

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We charge a flat rate with no surprises or hidden fees, the price we tell you is the price you’ll pay! We feel that moving companies that charge an hourly rate can just add to stress of moving, and we want your move to be stress free! Contact your local Niagara moving company today.
Our flat rates are based off of a number of factors, with the main ones being items and distance travelled. You can contact Bob the Mover, your local Niagara moving company for a free on-site quote or you can take pictures of all the items being moved and email them to us. With many items we recommend the on-site quote.
Yes! In the event of damaged items, they are covered under our item protection plan.
We are a Niagara moving company that services the entire Niagara Region. We can also move you into the Niagara Region (Toronto to St Catharines)
We offer a senior and student discount to our customers.
Absolutely! We can offer you a full service moving experience that covers packing your items and moving them to your new location. Contact Bob the Mover, your Niagara moving company to ask about our packing services.
We offer long distance moving services as well as local moves. If you are moving to Niagara or from Niagara, we are your Niagara Moving Company.
Yes we can! If you just need a few items moved around your house, we can send out our professional movers to get the job done. Plus, we love lifting heavy!
Niagara Moving companies are busiest from May – September and also at the beginning and end of each month. If possible try to avoid these times and if it cannot be helped try to book as far in advance as possible.
One of our moving consultants will arrive at your home and survey the items that need to be moved. Try to keep all the items in plain sight and be ready to open closets and cabinets if necessary. Please inform us at this time of any items that do not need to be moved.
We do not move live plants. Most moving companies do not take plants. The stress and heat inside a moving truck can cause plants to die.
Please ensure all appliances are disconnected, including power, water and gas lines. Also make sure shelves, racks and food items are removed from the appliance before the movers arrive.
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