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Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Moving Mistakes to Avoid

While moving may not be everyone’s first choice, most of the time you will experience a move in your lifetime. The outcome of your move is dependent on several factors which we’ll briefly dive into. One of the determining factors of course can be which St Catharines movers you choose. While you can have a good experience with any St Catharines moving company—here are some mistakes to look out for in your move.

Is Cheaper Better? No.

While there are many things in life that are marked up or overpriced, materials for your move are not one of them. Choosing the right boxes, protective plastic and other such things will be key in making sure your move ends without broken items. This can also refer to which St Catharines moving company you choose. Going for the cheapest option can often be dangerous as there’s likely a reason they are offering the lowest price (usually by a significant amount). Lack of insurance, lack of care, or plans to steal your items could all be potential disasters when choosing poor St Catharines movers.

No Insurance, no work

Going back to the topic of your St Catharines movers—avoid any St Catharines moving company without insurance. Your items are valuable, and you want to make sure your St Catharines movers are insured in the case of accidental (or purposeful) breakage.

Mislabelling/not Labelling Boxes

How you label your items is up to you. Colorful and cute, numerical and to-the-point; everything is great. Not labelling or writing the wrong information on your boxes can create problems with moving and unpacking. You don’t want to have your kitchen boxes end up in the attic—so make sure your labels and directions are clear. There are few St Catharines moving companies who will come back and move your things a second time because they weren’t labelled correctly.

Lack of Item List

Depending on your moving company in St Catharines, most will do this for your already. If you don’t have an item list prepared for when you’re finished, how will you know what was moved and what wasn’t? Your memory is likely not so great to remember every piece in your home. Cover yourself with an item list.

Regardless of which moving company in St Catharines you choose, or how you decide to go about your move, it’s important to protect yourself from these simple moving mistakes. If you’re looking to move in the Niagara Region, Bob the Mover can service all your moving needs. For a free in-home quote contact Bob the Mover, Diamond award-winning reader’s choice best moving company in both the St Catharines and Niagara Falls regions.

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