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33 Tips That Will Make Moving Much Easier

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Moving Company In Niagara Falls Ontario Urgent Item

1. Pack urgent items you will need IMMEDIATELY in a clear plastic bin.

Bags, cookware, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, etc. Using a clear bin will let you find this bin as quickly as possible.

2. Pack essentials such as a toothbrush, change of clothes or toiletries in an overnight bag.

You’ll probably be tired at the end of the day and won’t want to unpack. Putting the most important items like clothes(if you need to work the next day) or your laptop will allow you to go to sleep without doing too much work.

3. Wrap easy to break things like dishes or glasses in clothing to save money on bubble wrap.

You’re packing two things at the same time, what’s not to love?
Wrapping Dishes Niagara Movers

4.To keep them extra safe, pack glass and stemware inside clean socks.

5. If possible, go to your new home prior to the move and clean up the bathroom and kitchen.

You’ll probably need a hot shower after a long day.

6.  Label not only your box’s content, but what room will they go to.

This will let you unpack by room. It also makes the job a lot easier for a moving company in Niagara Falls Ontario.

7. Put an extra cotton pad in your powder cosmetics to protect them.

This is a good tip for any time.

8. Put plastic wrap on your toiletries and then put the tops back on

This will prevent leaks and other unwanted things.

9. Place your plates vertically to prevent breakage

10. Pack drawers as is with a press’n seal.

A quick way to avoid unpacking and repacking too many times.
Movers In Niagara Wrap

11. Press’n seal also works for sealing jewelry displays.

12. Buy a roll of stretch wrap

It will protect all your furniture from being damaged. A moving company in Niagara Falls Ontario like Bob the Mover will provide this.

13. Use sandwich bags to collect small parts like screws

Imagine losing one from your TV stand or bed frame.

14. Use beer boxes for books

These boxes are great because they have handles. It will help you or a moving company in Niagara Falls Ontario a lot. Books are heavy!

15. Take a picture of your electronics to make sure you don’t forget how to connect them

16. Use your baskets, hampers, laundry bins or suitcases before boxes

Put the heaviest things in your suitcases with wheels.

17. Follow this picture for the fastest way to pack a closet!

It also keeps the hangers intact making unpacking quick as lightning.

18. Use a vacuum seal on out of season clothing

They’ll use less space and can be stored as soon as you get to your new house.

19. On top with food and drinks, give your friends first dibs on anything you were going to sell/donate.

If you’re using a moving company in Niagara Falls Ontario this won’t be necessary.

20. Make sure you have everything packed before your friends or a moving company in Niagara Falls Ontario show up.

Making people wait is never good.
Organized Moving Boxes Niagara

21. Color code your boxes

This can be an additional way to separate which room each box/item is going to. Clarity is key.

22. You can number your boxes

It helps keep track of what you have, what you don’t. It also makes it easier to spot if something was stolen.

23. If you have many fragile things, hiring movers is better

Most movers have insurance, which means if something breaks, they will compensate you. Just make sure you’ve packed everything properly. Some moving companies won’t want to move an improperly packed TV and will want to re-pack it themselves. Make sure you book a moving company in Niagara Falls Ontario in advance!

24. Check for rules and fine print when hiring a moving company in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Some movers will only move boxes, no garbage bags for example. Clarity is key once again. Make sure you’re on the same page.

25. If renting, take pictures when moving out and moving into a new place.

Many landlords try to keep deposits, picture proof is an invaluable commodity.

26. Fill in holes from nails or screws with a bar of soap

27. If you’re moving across the country and don’t need your things immediately, you can ship via Greyhound.

It’s not as expensive as some alternatives for large items. Just make sure you pack items very well, they’re in for a bumpy ride.

28. Change your address two weeks before moving

For your bills it’s a must. Don’t forget any online things you have set up. Amazon, Paypal, Credit cards, or any other such things.

29. If you have items you don’t want to keep but are expensive, start selling online!

You may be surprised by the value of your items, perhaps it will cover the cost of moving the items you want to keep. Just keep in mind for things like etsy or ebay that it takes time to sell. Plan!

30. Contact charity organizations about donating items in advance

Having them pick it up will save you a trip to drop it off yourself. Time is money.

31. Don’t go grocery shopping in the final two weeks before a move

Moving food is annoying, and heavy, but mostly annoying. Having less food in your house means moving less food. You may find you have to throw some out if you have too much.

32. If your move is in the same city, consider a babysitter for your children or pets.

Kids and pets can get in the way in the strangest ways possible during a move. Having someone watch them can help reduce stress.
Niagara Falls Ontario Moving Fridge

33. Remember to defrost your fridge at least a day before the move. Wipe up any liquids before moving.

If you don’t do this you’ll have quite a stinky refrigerator on your hands.

And There we Have it. 33 Tips From Bob The Mover. A Moving Company In Niagara Falls Ontario

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