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Is Your House Haunted?!

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Bob The Mover: Niagara Movers

Is Your House Haunted Niagara Movers
Now I know what you’re thinking when you read the title—ghosts aren’t real! Whether you believe in the occult or not, you’ve heard stories about houses with issues that can’t be explained. While it may be ghosts (probably not), it may also be some perfectly explainable other reason. In today’s blog we’ll give you our opinion as Niagara movers as to what is causing your problems.

Niagara Movers… or something else?

Flickering lights, footsteps, squeaking floors, creaking doors, cold spots, missing or moved items. There are a lot of things that people attribute to ghosts that may be explained in another way. Generally, nobody will say that a new house in haunted, leading one to think carefully about why older houses have these “ghosts”. Let’s look at some of the symptoms and try to guess the causes in our expert opinions as Niagara movers.

Flickering Lights

Did you pay your electric bill? It could just be your fixture has wiring that is shorting out, or your lightbulb may need replacing. It could also be a demon from hell attempting to bother you in the most mundane way possible. This Niagara moving company thinks it’s probably the demon… not really.

Cold Spots

If you didn’t place anything cold on your floors, you may have an ice monster on your hands. Really though cold spots can be caused by many different factors such as window placement, insulation, sun, and the layout of your house. Check to see if your vents are blocked. If so, you may need to call an Asgardian to clear the ice giants in your home… just don’t call a Niagara moving company for that task—we’re not interested in fighting!

Squeaking Floors

If this happens while walking it is likely due to the floorboards. You may just need to refasten a loose floorboard. If it’s happening otherwise, it may just be a ghost… or not. If it’s not bothering you, don’t worry about it.

Creaking Doors

Any sort of lubricant should solve this problem; WD-40 in particular. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the hardware. As a last resort we suggest calling Ghostbusters.

Missing/Moved Items

9 times out of 8 you likely misplaced the items yourself. We’re aware that is more than 100% of the time, as Niagara movers our math is fantastic. While we move your items to the best of our ability—we will probably never throw your furniture during an unload. If you find your furniture throwing itself, you may have a ghost.

If you’re still having ghost problems after reading through this blog, you may just need to contact a Niagara moving company and change houses. Bob the Mover is a professional, licensed, award-winning, and not haunted moving company that will do whatever is required to make your move as stress free as possible. Contact us now for a free in-home quote.

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