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How to Save Money on Long-distance Moves

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How to Save Money on Long-distance Moves
With COVID-19 upon us and many finding themselves working from home, the thought of long-distance moving has crossed many people’s minds. Whether for this reason or another, long-distance moves are a hassle and should be prepared for carefully or you run the risk of spending a great deal of money. This St Catharines moving company has a few tips to help you save money on your long-distance move.

1. Plan Early

As soon as you have made the decision to move; start planning. There is an increased demand due to the previously mentioned circumstances. Making sure you book a St Catharines moving company early is very important. Get a list together of everything you need to do before the moving day and get to work—don’t leave it until your St Catharines movers pull in the driveway.

2. Check St Catharines Movers

Once you’ve got a list together of what you need to do, it’s time to book your St Catharines moving company. To make sure you get the best deal, ask for quotes from many different companies. For a long-distance move, a flat rate company like Bob the Mover would likely offer a better price than an hourly company. Depending on what you have, hiring professional St Catharines movers will make your life during the moving process a lot easier.

3. Catalogue Your Things

What are you keeping? What aren’t you keeping? Once you’ve got a good idea you can figure out how to best pack your things. It also helps with your move afterwards as you can simply consult your list to make sure everything has arrived. Relying on your memory alone isn’t going to work and there’s a chance your St Catharines movers will forget which individual items they moved or didn’t move.

4. Eliminate Unwanted Items

To make your inventory list smaller and thus reducing your moving cost, try getting rid of old things you don’t need anymore. Donate what you can, if no one wants it then there’s always the dump. Once you’ve pruned the list, you will save money on packing materials as well as any potential moving company’s quote.

5. Organize While Packing

Try to place items that will go together in the same boxes. Office supplies with office supplies, kitchenware with kitchenware, so on and so forth. This will help with packing as well as unpacking.

6. Label Boxes

Labelling your boxes in an organized fashion will make things easier for you, your movers, and anyone else involved in the moving process. Movers won’t have time to stop and have you open every single box to tell them where to put it. Labels help guide the process along and save them, and yourself, precious time. You can organize by room, contents, or anything else so long as you know where it goes.
These are just some of the things that can help you prepare for, and as a result, reduce the cost of your long-distance move in the future. If you are looking to move and are searching for a reliable St Catharines moving company—Bob the Mover are a licensed, professional and critically acclaimed moving company. Whether looking for a long-distance move or another kind, we service all your moving needs. Contact us now for a free in-home quote.
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