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How to Pack Electronics

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How to Pack Electronics Welland Moving Company

There are always things to pack during a move. Usually you’re going to prioritize or place greater importance on things of higher sentimental or monetary value. Electronics in this day and age are usually near the top of this list. Packing them carefully and properly will save you a lot of trouble. Whether you choose packing from a Welland moving company or by yourself, choosing the best materials and packaging is important. A good packing job will ensure your items won’t break if moved by Welland movers.

Backup Files

While this may seem unnecessary or overprotective—it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you hit any potholes or unforeseen circumstances that could create problems; it’s better to have your important files backed up. Financial history, photos and other files may not be easy to replace for you.


Packing things is obvious; labelling less so. Especially for cords and cables—Welland movers recommend labelling cables and cords to ensure you know to which device they belong. Try to make sure the cords are near the electronic they belong to, so you have an easier time during the unpack. Make sure to remove ink cartridges or batteries from any devices in case of spills or explosions. Label those too to make sure you know which battery goes where—your Welland moving company likely won’t.

Quality is Quality

While generally the safest idea would be to hire a Welland moving company to pack for you, choosing the best materials and packaging is a safe alternative. Electronics should be packed tight with bubble wrap or foam to ensure no shaking within the box during transport. It’s also important to make sure the box can withstand the weight of what is inside.

Clarity is Key

To help your Welland movers—confirm what is inside the box on the label and write clearly that the contents are fragile with large font. If the Welland movers can clearly identify what is inside the box, there will be no confusion on how to pack it in their truck. The label being easy to see and read is important if you wish to avoid breakages during a move—this doesn’t only apply to electronics.

Whether you need to pack electronics or not—Bob the Mover can fulfill your moving needs. For a free in-home quote contact Bob the Mover, Diamond award-winning reader’s choice best moving company in both the St Catharines and Niagara Falls regions.

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