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Are you thinking about moving?

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Are you thinking about moving?
Maybe you have already found a new place and are ready to start packing? You might even be at the point where you are feeling overwhelmed with all that has to be done before you can move!
Here’s a few reasons why it just makes sense to leave it all up to your local St Catharines Moving Company, Bob the Mover.
They have the experience! Moving anything from one room, to a whole big house can be stressful and overwhelming. This is where the experience of your local St Catharines moving company comes in handy! The Experienced Movers at Bob the Mover know how to properly carry certain items to make sure they are not damaging them, and also so they do not injure themselves in the process. They are trained to know how to pack things properly and efficiently, and they can help alleviate all your moving blues! The Experienced St Catharines Movers at Bob the Mover are much less likely to break something or have an accident, so no need to ask your mom or dad for help lifting that heavy furniture! They are here to help you, and answer any questions you might have.
They Want to Help Keep Things Simple For You!
Hiring Experienced St Catharines Movers like those at Bob the Mover is a much simpler way to experience moving. They know how to get the job done efficiently, safely and on schedule! You might not realize but there are a lot of logistics involved in moving! You need a vehicle big enough to load everything, ask your friends or family for help and figure out a time that works for everyone! Relying on friends and family can make your moving day much more stressful than it needs to be, not to mention all the arguing that might unfold when trying to get your grandmother’s China cabinet safely out of the front door! Keep it simple and hire an Experienced St Catharines Moving Company like Bob the Mover.
They Will Stick to a Schedule!
Have you ever asked your family members for help, and then tried to arrange a time that works for everyone? Maybe something comes up and your cousin, who was supposed to bring a few friends to help, no longer wants to! When you hire an Experienced St Catharines Moving Company, you are paying them for a service, and one that requires a schedule being followed. The moving company will come out to assess the building first, so they can get a proper feel for how long moving everything will take. This way they can give you an accurate start and end time, which can on its own alleviate a lot of stress you may have been feeling, especially if you were on a time constraint!
Additionally, and possibly the most important reason to hire an Experienced St Catharines Moving Company like Bob the Mover, is that they are Licensed and Insured! A scary part about moving is making sure all your items stay in the same great condition you started the move in! No one wants to have to replace damaged or broken items! If you decide to move yourself, any damages or broken items would have to be replaced out of your own pocket, but if you hire an Experienced St Catharines Moving Company, they are licensed and insured. This means your belongings are protected while in the care of the movers, giving you that peace of mind if something went wrong, because accidents can happen.
Consider these points when thinking about moving, and looking around for the right company. We here at Bob the Movers are experienced, professional, and kind movers, who would love to help make your moving day, a breeze!
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