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Are DIY Moves Cheaper?

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Are DIY Moves Cheaper Bob The Mover St Catharines Movers

It seems logical to think that a DIY move would be cheaper. After all, you’re saving money on a St Catharines moving company, right? Sometimes reality is not always the case, there are a few hidden costs associated with DIY moves that you may be unfamiliar with. This St Catharines moving company will share a few of them with you that you may not have considered.

Time and Effort

Consider what you’re moving. Are you moving furniture? Do you think it will fit in your vehicle? If not, there is already a chunk of change for renting a moving truck. Now on top of that you’ll need to pay for the gas, pay the mileage fees, find people to help you load it and finally unload it at the destination. Will your friends or family work without expecting something in return? Do they have the same lifting capabilities as a moving company in St Catharines? Are you capable of dealing with the strenuous activity that comes with moving furniture? If you answered yes to all these questions—you’re still going to have to pay the rental fees. Now if you’ve got this sorted out and you have complete faith in your abilities, there’s always the next thing to consider…


Big things fall sometimes. Did you pack your truck perfectly to the extent that a St Catharines moving company would? Did you have moving blankets to protect your wood or glass pieces? Well, you can always rent those—at a cost. Did you make sure your heavy pieces were at the bottom and had nothing stacked on top of a breakable item? If you answered yes, great. If not, now something is probably broken. Who’s going to cover that? Unfortunately, it’s you, there’s no moving insurance when you’re doing things by yourself. Almost every moving company in St Catharines would have offered insurance to protect you in this case. If you’re ok with this however, there’s something else to consider.


Imagine this: you’re lifting something heavy and your back gives in. What’s your job? Can you work while injured? Are you eligible for work benefits if you get injured at home? This is the sort of cost that could potentially cost you more than hiring a dozen moving companies. Even worse if someone you’ve brought with you gets hurt. Will they be forgiving or look for compensation? Also consider what could happen if your injury is something unable to be healed over time. Is quality of life worth the risk to save a few dollars? This is where a St Catharines moving company could help. Their experience, cooperation and strength greatly reduce the chances of injury.

Wear and Tear

Let’s say you did use your own vehicle. Are you going to make as many trips as it takes—or are you going to try to overload your vehicle to make less trips. A St Catharines moving company likely won’t have to make that choice. If you manage to avoid damaging your vehicle’s exterior and interior, you may still end up adding some wear and tear to the internal components. Is your vehicle meant to carry extra weight? Is the distance between your load and drop off greater than a few kilometres? All these small things could add up to facing vehicle issues sooner than expected—and we all know how much those kinds of things can cost. For these reasons and more, try to consider a moving company in St Catharines before planning your move.

If you’re in the predicament where you’re thinking of moving, try to contact a moving company before making your final decision—the price may be more affordable than you think. To get a free in-home quote please contact Bob the Mover. We’re a professionally licensed moving company with a strong crew capable of handling all your moving needs. Based in the Niagara region, we service the entire region as well as moves to the region or from the region to long distance drop offs.

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