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6 Top Challenges When Moving Out

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Top Challenges Movers In St Catharines
By now you probably have everything figured out. You packed your stuff, your boxes are marked, your sale is finalized, your movers in St Catharines are booked, the utility companies have been booked, and you’ve even donated your extra items already. Now you’re just waiting for the move itself; hoping and praying for an easy move day.
Now let’s snap back to reality, problems come in all shapes and sizes. On your moving day several things can go wrong. Below is a list of a few of the problems you may run into, as well as how to solve them.

1. Running out of time

While you’ve likely already gone through your moving checklist, but sometimes delays happen. The weather is bad, a road is closed, whatever the case may be.
To prepare for this it’s best to prepare to be ahead of your schedule according to how you’ve planned it. Be realistic about the time things can take. For example, a St Catharines moving company isn’t going to be loading their truck in thirty minutes for a full-size house move. If you can’t finish packing on time, or it’s too overbearing; consider hiring movers in St Catharines to do the job.

2. Furniture doesn’t fit

If you’re thinking something will fit because well, it went in that way—sometimes the laws of physics don’t agree. If a moving company in St Catharines suggests that an item may not fit; it may not fit. If it won’t fit without incident, it likely won’t be insured, giving you a few options.
Firstly, some furniture can be disassembled, your St Catharines moving company may mention this during a quote if you have items requiring disassembly. You may also take doors off their hinges to get a little bit extra room.

3. Friends and Family bailing

People are busy, people get hurt, people don’t care about you as much as you thought. Plenty of things can come up and ruin your DIY move. While they tend to save money, they tend to bring headaches as well. Accommodating the schedules of different people and their physical limitations may be too big a challenge.
Luckily the solution here is simple; hire a St Catharines moving company. They will do the move exactly as you ask it to be done.

4. Movers in St Catharines won’t move certain items

Many companies won’t work with certain items including hot tubs, pianos, wine, art, chemicals, and other such things. If you possess these items be sure to ask in advance during a quote if the movers can handle it. Some are personal preference; some are legal liabilities. Don’t ask your movers in St Catharines to move gasoline for example.
Before moving day, be sure to double check if anything you have isn’t able to be moved. Prepare alternate plans to move your paint.

5. Bad Weather

Isn’t snow the best? Unfortunately, not as much so during a move. Obviously, we can’t control the weather, and neither can you. There are a few ways to deal with these kinds of problems.
In heavy rain, make sure your main entry point is covered with moving blankets, floor runners, or something else to prevent messy situations. On top of that try to get the moving truck as close as humanly possible to your house entrance.
In heatwaves, make sure anyone helping with the move is taken care of. Water is an important resource to have handy. Take breaks if you need them, especially for DIY movers. Try to leave air conditioning on as well.
In snowstorms, you’re out of luck sometimes. Safety is an issue. If you have a short distance move it may not be a problem. Long distance movers are another story, your movers may choose to postpone the move if necessary. Make sure to de-ice your driveway before the move—otherwise you’ll need to pay for the service from your movers, as well as possibly be paying them to sit and wait for salt to melt the ice—wasting valuable time.

6. Movers are late/ditch the job

Not all movers are equal, and not all movers are professional. Unfortunately, sometimes with online advertised companies, if you can call them that—they simply don’t care and work for cash—often going to the highest bidder even if they’ve booked a date with you.
The way to deal with this problem is to work with professional companies after thoroughly investigating their background. Check for poor reviews online for any company you’re looking to hire.
If you do however get stood up, here are a few things you can do.
  1. Call them—maybe there legitimately was a miscommunication.
  2. If they don’t answer, focus on solving the problem on your own, file a complaint against them later.
  3.  Check online for last-minute moving companies.
Your careful planning should solve most problems. Hopefully now you can prepare your move even more carefully and have a smooth transition into your new home. If you need a free in-home quote feel free to contact Bob the Mover. We are happy to assist with any of your moving needs. As a qualified and certified moving company in the Niagara region, we accommodate all types of moves and solve most of the problems in this blog. We look forward to hearing from you.
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