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5 Misunderstandings About Movers in St Catharines

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Bob the Mover: Professional Movers in St Catharines

5 Misunderstandings About Movers in St Catharines

We’re back with the words you’ve read a thousand times—moving is a huge undertaking; thus, you must do an appropriate amount of planning with a great deal of effort and coordinating. To go along with this, there are a lot of misunderstandings about movers in St Catharines and what they do. Fact or fiction? Today we dispel the myths.

1: Movers Break Things All the Time

It’s one of the most repeated myths that isn’t truthful. Hiring an unprofessional St Catharines moving company may provide you with results; however, most licensed, professional movers in St Catharines will not break any of your items. As a rule of thumb nearly every St Catharines moving company will treat your items better than they treat their own. To err on the side of caution try leaving your fragile personal items with yourself during a move.

2: Moves Must Be Disorganized

Many people are under the assumption that moves are chaotic and uncontrollable. Fortunately, this is a myth. As any St Catharines moving company can tell you—most jobs go smoothly without problems. The trick is you need to put in the work to make your move organized. Label your boxes, keep items together, and have a general plan in place of what you want to go where and when. A St Catharines moving company will do the hard work.

3: Any Tape Will Do

False! Fiction! Untruthful! Different tapes were made for different purposes. While duct tape may be very sticky, it doesn’t stick well to cardboard. Packing tape was made specifically for closing off boxes. Relying on other types of tape may result in boxes ripping open and breaking your valuable possessions.

4: Friday Is the Only Day to Move

You’ve got the entire weekend to unpack! Right? No. While this may seem like a great idea—it’s a great idea that everyone else shares with you. This will result in your price being driven up as you compete for the limited availability of movers in St Catharines. This can be amplified in the summer when everyone is looking to move. While it doesn’t matter which day you book, be sure to book your movers well in advance.

5: Everyone is the Same

Different companies have different policies, prices, staff, equipment, ideology, and many other differing qualities. Inexperience and unprofessional movers can result in bad moves. Working with a company with a strong reputation however can result in a fantastic move without difficulties.

If you’re looking to move; Bob the Mover is a professional moving company that services the entire Niagara region. For a free in-home quote contact us now. Bob the Mover is the 2020 Diamond award-winning reader’s choice best moving company in both the St Catharines and Niagara Falls regions.

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