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12 Tips to Drive a Rental Truck Safely

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Bob the Mover: St Catharines Moving Company

12 Tips from St Catharines Moving Company

Looked at all the St Catharines moving companies and see nothing for you? Maybe your move is tiny and minimum fees are too much. Under certain circumstances a DIY move may be in the cards for you.

A DIY move basically means you’re going to do everything yourself. Packing? You do it. Renting a truck? You do it. Driving? You again.

While there are many other tasks involved, today we are going to focus on one. Driving a truck long-distance isn’t easy if you’re doing such a move. If you do have experience with a large truck it should be a piece of cake for you.

To avoid accidents, mistakes and other mishaps, follow the next 12 tips coming at you.

1: Learn the Truck

By now you’ve already called the rental truck dealer of your choice. Make sure you pick the right size truck for what you need. Having too much or too little space create separate but equally important problems. With too much space your items may shift and break. With not enough space you’ve got to do another trip—costing you time and money.

Usually, St Catharines moving companies will use something closer to a 26-foot truck for full-house moves.

Once you’ve picked up your truck, adjust the mirrors and seat to your comfort. Figure out how the lights and other things work before starting to drive. Any questions should be directed towards the company you’re renting from.

2: Load Correctly

Make sure your items are packed correctly inside the truck. There are two problems you’re likely to run in to while driving.

Sharp turns and sudden brakes can move your items around in the truck. The way to avoid this is to secure your load. Either by keeping it flush all the way through or with straps or tiedowns. Don’t throw your money away breaking your own items!

Unbalanced weight will result in a heavier feeling load and more difficulty driving. That is to say: don’t put all your heavy items on one half of the truck.

3: Speed Up Slowly

St Catharines Moving Company Speedometer

One thing you may notice is how much more sluggish a rental truck feels compared with your own vehicle. Don’t worry—this is normal. It’ll feel even worse after filling up the truck.

When driving, remember to speed up slowly instead of putting your pedal to the metal. Avoid sudden speed changes to protect your load as much as possible.

Some rental trucks are rate limited at 105-110km per hour so don’t wonder why you’re not going faster.

4: Brake Early; Brake Light

If you thought sudden acceleration was bad; deceleration is even worse. Braking will almost definitely shift your items towards the front of the truck. Avoid breaking suddenly unless it’s to avoid a road accident.

5: Give Distance to Others

While you may have learned about leaving distance in your car in driving school, apply it double with a rental truck. If you should give 2 seconds of time between you and the car in front of you, make it 4 seconds with a truck.

Keep in mind that in poor weather you should keep even more distance.

6: Avoid Overtaking

You’re rate limited and large. If you’re ever wondering why you see St Catharines moving company trucks driving slow, this is why. Remember what we said about speeding up quickly and hard braking; avoiding overtaking other cars should keep you in a good position to drive safely and protect your items.

7: Wide, wider, wider.

It may seem like something simple but if you’ve no experience in driving a truck it could feel strange. Turning like you’re a normal car is going to have to constantly hitting curbs and borrowing lane from others.

Take your turns wide, very wide. Drive almost completely into the road before starting your turn.

8: Careful When Backing Up

There is no center rear-view mirror for obvious reasons. All you’ve got are your side mirrors to rely on, giving you a blind spot directly behind you. Get some help or be cautious when backing up.

St Catharines moving companies will usually have one person backing up the driver into the space they need to occupy.

If you need to stop on the way in case of a long-distance move, try a large parking lot instead of somewhere tight. This should allow you to pull through without any tricky maneuvers.

9: Park Carefully

While many may not use the parking brake on their cars, it’s absolutely essential with a large truck. Some rental trucks won’t even park without the parking brake in place.

Be sure to set your wheels in a way which will run the truck off the road instead of into traffic.

10: Check Your Height

St Catharines moving companies are well aware of the dangers that lurk above. Many roads have tree branches that will damage the top of your truck. Some bridges can’t fit trucks. Some signs on the highways are too low and you must drive in the left-most lane to avoid them. Know what the height of your rental truck is and keep a look out.

St Catharines Movers Low Bridge

11: Don’t Miss Weigh Stations

Depending on the truck you drive you may need to stop in weigh stations to check the weight and security of your load. Certain trucks don’t need to stop at them, check with your rental provider before-hand.

If you do need to stop; stop. Getting pulled over isn’t fun!

12: Mind the Fuel Efficiency

You’re paying for the gas. How do you reduce your gas usage and increase your mileage?

Ask the rental company about the truck’s gas mileage. You can do rough calculations this way.

Don’t brake or accelerate too much. Slow down gradually, speed up gradually.

Don’t go to the maximum speed of the vehicle.

And don’t forget to fill up the truck before you take it back to the level it was when you got it. Usually there’s a hefty fee for bringing it back lower.

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